Vixen is Victoria’s peer-only sex worker organisation, proudly run 100% by and for sex workers. Vixen promotes the cultural, legal, human, occupational, and civil rights of all sex workers, and has been leading the Victorian campaign for the full decriminalisation of sex work for many years.

Prior to receiving funding in 2022, Vixen operated as an unfunded sex workers’ rights collective run by sex worker activists volunteering their unpaid time and energy for more than 15 years. Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, the peak national body representing sex workers and sex worker organisations in Australia is auspicing Vixen and supporting Vixen’s transition to operate as an autonomous funded sex worker organisation. 

Through our funding, Vixen provides a range of services and programs aimed at addressing our community’s needs, as informed by them. We recognise that sex workers in Victoria and beyond have successfully educated each other about workplace health and safety and our rights and in doing so, have demonstrated that peer education is most effective. We continue in this tradition, providing sex worker only safe spaces at all our offices and most events. 

At Vixen our work is informed by ongoing consultation with Victorian sex workers, as well as the broader sex worker community across Australia and internationally. This includes: 

  • Peer education and information 
  • Peer support, advocacy and referrals 
  • Access and outreach 
  • Supportive networks with other organisations that sex workers access
  • Sex worker community development 
  • General community education 
  • Advocacy and lobbying for law and regulatory reform, including full decriminalisation 
  • Fighting stigma and discrimination 
  • Ensure effective implementation and communication of decriminalisation 
  • Policy advice to the government and other relevant organisations (e.g. NGOs) 

Vixen is a member organisation of Scarlet Alliance, the national peak body representing sex worker organisations in Australia, and the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, NSWP.