Get in touch via phone, email or Line to find out about upcoming skillshares, community events, drop-ins, request an outreach visit or for a confidential chat about:

  • What sex work decriminalisation means for you
  • Your rights at work
  • Sexual health
  • Safer sex practices 
  • Safer sex tools (ask about our FREE worker packs!)
  • Safety at work
  • Dealing with cops 
  • Drug use and harm reduction
  • Starting or changing sex work
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Visa and immigration issues
  • Referrals
  • Or just for a yarn! 

Vixen Drop-In!

Vixen drop-in hours are 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Drop-ins are your chance to chat with peer educators, get free safer sex supplies, safer injecting supplies, share skills, connect with other sex workers, and get info, support and referrals. 

Vixen Outreach 

Vixen peer educators can visit you at your place of work, your home or a cafe nearby. Peer educators can come to you for chats, info, skill sharing, referrals, support and free safer sex supplies! 

Currently, Vixen is running regular outreach trips to brothels, individual sex workers, and areas where street-based sex work occurs across metro-Melbourne. Get in touch to request an outreach visit!

Regional sex workers: stay tuned for updates! Vixen will be visiting a regional centre near you soon.  Until then, feel free to get in touch by phone or email, or join one of our online events. 

Vixen CALD Projects

Vixen’s bilingual peer educator Bee, provides peer education and outreach to migrant sex workers and sex workers who speak English as a second language. Get in touch to find out more about community events, information, referrals, support and skill sharing in Thai and English. 

Contact us

Phone number: 0414 533 841

LINE ID : vixen_thai


เบอร์โทร: บี (คนไทย) 0414 533 841 

LINE ID : vixen_thai


0414 533 841

LINE ID : vixen_thai

Vixen Peer Education and Outreach Projects

The Vixen Peer Education and Outreach Projects provide peer education, drop-ins, skillshares, community events, support, advocacy, referrals, information and safer sex supplies to current and former sex workers in Victoria. At Vixen, we know how important it is for sex workers to connect with people who ‘get it’. That’s why all of our peer educators are current and former sex workers with lived experience in their specific project areas. The Vixen Peer Education and Outreach Projects include:

Peer Education and Outreach Project

Outreach to brothel and private sex workers 

Street Project

Outreach to street-based sex workers

Trans and Gender Diverse Project 

Outreach to trans and gender diverse sex workers

Male Project

Outreach to male sex workers

Bilingual, Thai and English CALD Project 

Outreach to Thai speaking and migrant sex workers